Quality Floorplans - That don't cost the earth
Quality Floorplans - That don't cost the earth


This is it. Time to see how your efforts translate into a professional image. But do not panic! If you are not satisfied - we do not charge for amendments.

The proof we send will be a workable drawing meaning that you can send a draft brochure straight to your client for approval, but we will make as many alterations as are necessary to ensure both you and your clients are satisfied. This is at no extra charge.

With regard to the specification of the plan, we discuss this with every agent to ensure it meets with your requirements, so no matter what yor brief, we are sure you will be happy. We can also produce your plans in whatever file format(s) you may require to optimise your presentation so whether its a simple jpeg, a high resolution PDF or a specific vector file that your software provider requires, we can always oblige.. We also ensure that the plans meet with Rightmoves requirements for their "Zoom" feature.

Please see some examples of our work below.


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