Quality Floorplans - That don't cost the earth
Quality Floorplans - That don't cost the earth


We like to set a standard "per dwelling" pricing with every agent, meaning that no matter how many or how few, how big or how small - that you will always pay the same price, making your budgeting more staright forward. We can build in a standard pricing for any individual preferences such as colour, extra detailing, branding or anything else you may think of. We will always have frank and open discussions with all new clients, to ensure that the level of detail in the plans is what you require, and below you will see our most popular price options:


THE CLASSIC - £15.00 + VAT

A clear and straightforward  representation. all rooms and layout drawn to scale with the dimensions you provide. indicative icons to represent doors windows and basic fixtures and sanitary ware. Bold room labels make this quite crisp and easy to understand the room layout. Floorplans are now an expectation of most buyers, but will let you down if they are not a true representation. Sellers will pay agents higher fees for consistent quality.

THE PREMIUM - £18.00 + VAT

For just a three pounds more, why not add dimensions (metric and/or imperial) and dimension markers, compass points, gross internal area or even a company watermark to enhance your branding. These drawings represent exceptional value and are sure to impress a discerning customer, with more information, and are rapidly becoming our best seller to agents using top end pictorial brochures. With these there is no need for a lengthy "write up".


Looking to impress on a major instruction? We have a bespoke package for even the largest country estate and can incorporate, Outbuildings, Ancillary Accommodation,  Stabling etc. The options are endless so speak to us about your special client.

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